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This kit was created so that the everyday person, no matter your experience, can take the necessary steps to repair their credit without dishing out

thousands of dollars to credit repair companies. You simply copy and paste the letter into a word document and input your information in the

highlighted areas. For best results, follow the directions. There are no

guarantees but if you apply yourself and follow the instructions you will

achieve all of your credit goals. CONGRATULATIONS on   taking control of your credit.



SKU: 0001
  • What’s Included:

    Credit Bureaus Contact Information Instructions for Each Letter

    Personal Information Dispute Letter

    Inquiry Removal Letters + Phone Script

    Late Payment Removal Letter

    Collection Removal Letters

    Medical Collection Letter

    Failure to Validate Letter

    Goodwill Letter + CEO emails

    Follow Suit Letter

    Identity Theft Letter

                                                                         Charge OFF Removal Letters

    Bankruptcy Removal Letters

    Repo Removal Letter

    Resources + Tips

  • All downloads are final due to the readily available documents upon purchase.

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